Thomas McConnell

20 year old Singer/Songwriter, Thomas McConnell, has toured the UK with China Crisis, Ian McNabb, The Vinyls & gigged with Ian McCulloch, Ian Broudie, Steve Cradock, The Pretty Things & The Real People. He was also asked to play guitar in the Gary Daly Band at the 2013 GIT Awards.  

Mojo Magazine featured his & Ian McNabb’s cover of The Beatles', "All I've Got Do".  Thomas' version of Paul McCartney's, "New" which he taught himself the day the song was actually released was shared online by Paul himself on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts in September 2013. McCartney even recognised Thomas at his BBC Radio 6 gig/Q&A because of it.  

Thomas' songs take great influence from his biggest inspirations, The Beatles & Paul McCartney, but he throws in elements of many other influences from the 60's & 70's and puts it all through his own filter. He has released a number of EPs & singles to date where he plays every instrument. His EP from August 2013, "Worried About Thomas McConnell" received great reviews following a successful publicity campaign around the slogan "I'm worried about Thomas McConnell..." 

Recently, he released a new video and single, "Penny (Won't Help Me Now)" as a free download at Bandcamp / YouTube 

Now, with an endorsement by Hofner Guitars and new releases planned for the year, he really will be one to watch in 2014. 


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