Ricardo Junior

Ricardo Junior began playing at age 7 and in 1991, recorded the 1st album with the “Bitkids” band by the label Polygram. The band was successful in the whole of Brazil. 


In 2003 Ricardo was invited to perform at Cavern Club in Liverpool and In 2005, recorded an special for Brazilian MTV Unplugged show with famous Brazilian band “Ultraje a Rigor”  Ricardo was the vocalist and played acoustic guitars .


In 2007, with a Beatles cover band, Ricardo played in a 16-hour long show, where all the Beatles songs were performed in an attempt  to enter The Guinness Book of Records.


Currently Ricardo is in the studio recording the 1st disc to “OzDois”, a duet of bass, drums and vocals.


In his career of almost 20 years Ricardo has performed in thousands of shows throughout Brazil, using the Hofner 500/1 bass and always uses this in his recording sessions.


Ricardo can play bass with his right hand and left too! 

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