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Paul McMichael, ‘Mikey”, to his close friends, was born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles, California. He entered the entertainment industry at the tender age of seven, performing on stage, then moved to films and television shortly after. He has appeared in several movies and television shows such as “Boogie Nights”, “The Wonder Years”, “My So-Called Life”, “Police Academy II” and many, many more.

 It wasn’t until the age of 15, that he finally gave into his love of music and took up the guitar. He knew what he really wanted was a Hofner violin bass, like the one his life long hero plays…Paul McCartney! So, he bought himself an inexpensive acoustic six string to learn on, until he found the bass that he can call his own.

 Not even a year had passed and he found a used, late 70’s Hofner 500/1 to his liking. He and his bass have been inseparable ever since. So, fast forward a few short years, he decided to finally form a Beatle tribute band, The WannaBeatles and went on to play various venues and private parties in and around the Southern California area. It was just shortly before he formed his tribute band, that he had a chance meeting with Paul McCartney, while McMichael was working on the TV show, Philly. Also, by a stroke of luck, he happened to have with him his trusty 70’s Hofner bass (he would always bring a guitar to pass the time in between shots). He had the strength to ask his idol to autograph his bass, thankfully, McCartney gladly obliged!

Very shortly after that, McMichael joined an original band, The Give and they went on to play Hollywood and surrounding areas to much success. Paul also plays very successfully as a session musician.


Instruments: Violin Bass, HCT and Ignition 


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