Lucy Underhill - Gris Gris

Lucy's former band Alt-rock trio Lynch Rider Lulu were united by their love of dirty great rifs, off-kilter rhythms, twisted stories and their collections of car steering wheels. Lynch Rider Lulu recorded their debut album ‘Who’s gonna live there now?’ in 2008, in a haunted barn in the Wiltshire countryside, assisted by bass-player Joe Gideon, erstwhile frontman of 'Bikini Atoll' (Bella Union) and more recently 'Joe Gideon & the Shark' (Bronzerat), and engineer Justin Underhill (whose credits include Bloc Party, Absentee, Sleater Kinney & Klaxons). 

Lucy is now working on a new project under the name of 'Gris Gris' and is touring Europe and UK tour with the band Tunng.

Lucy is also writing these days commercially and has been doing lots of music for TV as well as sessions. 

Instrument - HA Acoustic Guitar

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