Kris Gray

Kris began playing guitar back in the early 1970s, working with a variety of bands in the UK. He has toured with and managed, amongst others, Cliff Bennett, The Sweet, Sonja Kristina, Maggie Bell, John Fiddler, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Roger Chapman Ian Hunter and The Edgar Broughton Band.

Kris first met Miller Anderson in 1992 whilst touring with Chris Farlowe and Maggie Bell. Their paths crossed many times over the next few years until eventually Kris co-produced his 2003 album Bluesheart for his then record label Delicious. Kris also released a number of albums on this label including titles by Chris Farlowe, The Sweet, Darryl Bath, Ian Hunter, Cliff Bennett, Norman Beaker and Steve Diggle. Some of which were recorded in a studio in West London, that Kris co-owned for a while with his son Dylan.

In 2008 Kris produced, for the last time, an album in Germany with Chris Farlowe entitled Hotel Eingang which featured Miller on guitar, Frank Tischer  on keyboards, Paul Burgess on drums and Kris on bass. Although the sessions were more than a little traumatic the band, without Mr Farlowe, agreed to make a new album with Miller. This would become Chameleon and was released on Kris’s new label Rokoko along with Hotel Eingang.

The Miller Anderson Band toured for the next four years with only one change in line up, now featuring Tommy Fischer or Klaus Schenk on drums. They recorded a live double CD entitled ‘From Lizard Rock’ as well as appearing on the prestigious German TV rock music programme, Rockpalast.

Kris has also produced two albums by Jay Tamkin ‘Sorted’ and ‘Alibi’

This year has seen Kris diversify by teaming up with an old friend who he recorded with in the seventies, Tim Wyatt, when they made the first independent single ‘I Am , I Think’ as Grobbert and Duff which now changes hands for up to 300 Euros. As Gray and Wyatt they released an album in October 2013 called ‘Naming the Darkness’ with Germany’s MIG Records. Kris can be heard playing a Hofner Resonator, Hofner acoustic bass and Hofner 6 string Banjo, he is looking forward to getting a Hofner Ukulele.

Instruments:   Club Bass:  185 Solid:  Acoustic Bass:  6 string Banjo

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