Höfner Luthiers

What is a luthier? What do they do?

This article explains all about the craftsmen who work at Höfner. How they undertake years of training and education beofre they can call themselves a Höfner Luthier.

What is a Luthier? The dictionary definition is a maker and repairer of violins and other stringed instruments. This is indeed true in a basic way, but they are also craftsmen with a great deal of experience and training. To become a luthier of the standard demanded by Höfner you must have trained at college or university for a number of years and passed all your examinations or you must have been apprenticed to a master luthier and learned your trade this way. We also continue to train some staff to one day become luthiers.

Höfner employ a number of luthiers and master luthiers who work closely with every aspect of production from wood sourcing and selection through to design and construction. It is the luthiers who oversee the production of our instruments from start to finish. The production staff will refer to a luthier if they have any queries or concerns whilst carrying out their part of the instrument making process.

The Höfner works is not so much a factory as a series of workshops each containing one part of the process that goes toward building instruments. The luthiers work closely with the departmental workshops that they oversee, ensuring that production continues smoothly and to high standards. It’s their wealth of knowledge, gained from years of experience, that they use daily to make decisions at all levels of production.

Whenever we produce a new instrument one of our luthiers will be heavily involved in the whole process. They advise on all aspects from wood to construction and will build the prototype examples for evaluation before full production commences.

Our luthiers:

Dieter Fischer, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 1958.
Special Projects
Hand carves necks for electric guitars and basses.
Custom builds prototypes and research guitars.

Hubert Kaa, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 1979
Electric Guitar & Bass Set-up Department & Master Classical Guitar Workshops
Set-up & final finish, quality control
Electrics and wiring
White work in the Master Classical Guitar Workshops
Custom builds prototypes and research guitars

Thomas Stühlein, Luthier. Joined Höfner 1999
Electric Guitar and Bass Set-up Department
Set-up & final finish, quality control
Electrics & wiring
Custom builds prototypes and research guitars

Jens Schönitz, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 2008
Classical Guitar Master Workshop
Hand builds all Höfner Master Series Classical Guitars.

Benny Winterstein, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 2007
Classical Guitar Set-up Department and Classical Guitar Master Workshop
Set-up & final finish of all Höfner Classical Guitars including Master Series
Quality Control

Anton Wendel, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 2001
Construction of German Classical Guitars
Preparing electric guitars for spraying.
Quality Control

Friedemann Pods, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 2001
Classical Guitar Department
Product Manager for all Höfner Classical Guitars
Research & Development for all Höfner Classical Guitars

Thomas Hoyer, Luthier. Joined Höfner in 1988
Strings and Bows Department
Product Manager for all Strings and Bows


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