Charlie Leman - Gorgeous George


Charlie Leman of GORGEOUS GEORGE

Instruments: Hofner Galaxie, Hofner Grand Auditorium

 Gorgeous George:

A blast on the trombone, the wistful strains of a violin, and into the circus ring lurches another vaudevillian cockney geezer from the songbook of Gorgeous George. The next three minutes will be like punch-up at an unlicensed Eastern Bloc horse race, as the band sets off at a lung-busting gallop, melodies and rhythms flying from innumerable instruments like the screams and pistol fire of a drunken gypsy crowd. And in the midst of it all, a slyly observed tale of life, love and wrongdoing (or aftershave and football results) will emerge, sung in perfect South London council estate cockneyese.

Currently Charlie and the band are working on a new EP, with Madness guitarist Chris Foreman on production duties, due for a Spring 2014 release. Their current EP 'SATURDAY NIGHT' is available now on iTunes. 


'Chas and Dave meets the streets meets Gypsy Folk' METRO.CO.UK 

'This band are one lucky break away from being huge' DAILY STAR 

'New band of the week' NME 

'Rambunctious,  booze soaked hymns' CLASH MAGAZINE

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