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Bobby Long moved to London from Calne, Wiltshire, South West England in 2004 to attend university and to write and play music as much as possible.

In 2009, he played 160 shows in seven months in seven countries. He sold over 10,000 copies of his bootleg EP "Dirty Pond Songs", available exclusively at his shows. The Boston Herald praised his "likeable, rough-hewn voice" and "catchy way with a chorus," while Pollstar reported that he "continues to amaze audiences with a bare-bones sound reminiscent of early Bob Dylan."

2010 exceeded expectations as Bobby signed a record deal with ATO Records on April 23rd and on February 1, 2011 the release of a much anticipated first studio album, A WINTER TALE. Grammy® winner Liam Watson (The White Stripes’ Elephant) and his analog Toe Rag Studios in London—where they put down five initial tracks in just three days—proved an ideal match for the artist's old-school recording approach. Backed by a coterie of studio musicians on many of the tracks, he would end up recording 18, finally making a taut selection of 11 original songs.

On Long's latest album Wishbone, he taps into a broader palate of emotions than he has on past releases, eschewing melancholy and eloquently channeling anger and frustration into gritty, hard-driving guitar parts that compliment his rough-hewn vocals on songs like “Blood In The Orchard” and “All My Brothers.” Steel guitar provides an apt counter balance, adding a hint of twang and drawn out expanse to the urgency put forth in the lyrics. Long still shows his softer side on numbers like the heart wrenching “In Your Way” and swaying ballad “My Parade.” Throughout the album he displays his deft control of melody and tone, well practiced over many years of prolific songwriting and live performances.

Long has come a good way from his early days playing open-mic nights in London. He now finds himself stepping into the pantheon of that grand musical history he so admires, gigging at major festivals like Bonnaroo, and impacting popular culture with performances on late night TV shows. Yet, with all these significant accomplishments, Long is far from content. “I’m looking forward to people hearing this album,” he says, “I think it will help people see that I’m not just a solo performer.” With Wishbone, listeners and fans will see a different side of Bobby Long, the restless musician always striving to grow and improve his craft while finding new avenues of expression.


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