Ben Christophers

Drawing influences from David Bowie ("I love the way he moved between moods from album to album"), Kate Bush ("the way she used strings on Hounds of Love, they just bounced on the beat, it's genius.") Prince, Edith Piaf and Nina Simone Ben plays and arranges just about everything on his albums, recording the guitar and vocals at the same time, adding the other instruments afterwards. Ben began writing songs at the tender age of five when his father gave him his first guitar. "I think I saw songwriting as an escape when I started, like fantasy, in fact I still do" he says.  Ben uses Hofner Presidents and Cavern basses in the studio and his Thin President for live performance. Lately Ben has been touring with Bat For Lashes.



Electric Guitar -  Thin President
Electric bass guitar -  Violin Bass


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