Andy Walsh


I ♡ The Monster Hero 

You Kiss By The Book



Late 1960's Hofner Galaxie 176

1964 Hofner Violin Bass

CT Verythin Ltd Edition 2012


I ♡ The Monster Hero 


Andy Walsh plays with I ♡ The Monster Hero and You Kiss By The Book.

I ♡ The Monster Hero is a music project founded by Andy Walsh back when he first hooked up an old electric organ and a Hofner bass

to a loop pedal back in the 2000's.

Now of the best 1-5 Psych/Dream/Dance/Drone bands in Dublin, their first full length album is scheduled for release on

Crocfingers Records Uk in 2013.

You Kiss By The Book is a music project founded by Simon Dowling in the early 2000's whilst he was is falling in love with

classic americana & country for the five hundreth and ninety first time.

Albums 'Bear Leader' & 'Family Tree" are out now


Andy Walsh 1 Andy Walsh 2



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