Andreas Valdemar

Andreas was born 1990 and picked up the bass at age 10 because of his infatuation with The Beatles and especially Paul McCartney. From the beginnig Andreas could not tie himself to one band only. He has been playing in several bands at a time ever since.  He is best known for his work with danish rock band Paper Tigers where his Höfner bass plays a big role in the sound. Paper Tigers was formed by Andreas and his brother, Linus Valdemar (guitar and lead vocals) three years ago along with pianist Max Hoffmeyer and drummer Nicklas Lion. Their inspiration comes a lot from the music from the 60's and 70's; The Beatles and Led Zeppelin especially. They are extremely popular in their native Denmark playing all around the country to sell out audiences at their energetic live shows. Their debut EP was received with accalaim by the press and fans.

Paper Tigers
Simon Olsen & Oplevelsen
HC Valdemar

Electric bass guitar -  Höfner Verythin Bass HCT-500/7 SB

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Andreas Valdemar with Hofner  
Andreas Valdemar with Hofner Andreas Valdemar with Hofner


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