Dlaczego Höfner

Not too small. Not too big.

Sometimes you can be too small to get anything done.

On other occasions you can be too big to get anything done.

Here at Höfner we think we are just the right size to get things done!



We take the environment seriously at Hofner. Our policy is to always look for ways to protect the environment and to make the best use of waste resources to do so.

The products we use, wherever possible, are chosen because they reduce the impact on the environment.


Höfner Luthiers

What is a luthier? What do they do?

This article explains all about the craftsmen who work at Höfner. How they undertake years of training and education beofre they can call themselves a Höfner Luthier.


The Wood We Use

The wood that an instrument is made of is the single most important component.

How do we select the wood we use and what do we do with it before making it into a guitar or stringed instrument.

Why do we season some of our wood for 20 years before using it.


Why Hofner Guitars and Stringed Instruments?

In this section we present a series of articles explaining the ethos behind our guitar and stringed instrument production.

We hope you'll find the articles informative and helpful in making your choice of a quality Hofner instrument.

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