Vintage Guitar - Parts and Identification

Help Yourself

Before you contact us have you tried to find out some information elsewhere? In particular have you been to the Vintage Hofner website, run independently, from the UK. You should visit this website for a wealth of information about vintage Höfners.




We will try to assist with identification and dating of an old Höfner guitar. But please be aware of the following:

  • We never give valuations. Ever.
  • Our identification and dating service is at our discretion. We will do it when we have time.
  • We do not enter into long discussions about guitars nor provide detailed explanantions.
  • Old acoustic and classical guitars are often very hard to identify. We cannot guarantee to be able to identify these.
  • Dating is not exact. Often the best we can do is say that your guitar was made within a range of years.
  • A surprising number of non-standard guitars were built and we often have trouble identifying these.

Serial Numbers.

Most old Höfners do not have serial numbers. The exceptions are those guitars sold be Selmer in the UK which will (probably) have a number stamped into the back of the headstock and guitars sold by Van Wouw in the Netherlands.

Requesting Identification.

If you wish us to attempt to identify and date your guitar then you must do the following:

  • Supply clear, sharp pictures of the front, the back, the headstock.
  • Reduce the images to a size not greater than 200K per picture and not greater than 1024px on the long edge.
  • Write a clear description of any identification/serial numbers you can see. (Often found on the back of the headstock).
  • Send your email, with the pictures attached, to 



Vintage Spares

We do not have parts for vintage guitars. Parts for guitars made many years ago are not stocked and are not available. 

Many of the parts made were from local manufacturers many of whom have long since ceased trading. Höfner, like all manufacturers, has changed suppliers over the years and we have also changed designs and fittings to suit new models. In the same way that Mercedes would not be able to now supply parts for a car made in the 1950s neither can Höfner supply parts for a guitar made then.

Also, please note, we do not supply parts direct from the workshops. If you contact us asking to buy parts we will not supply them.

Some of the parts we use today can be used for vintage guitar and bass restorations.:

  • Some pickups such as the "Staple" and "Diamond Logo" and "Toaster" and "Black Bar" and "Blade". These are not exactly the same. They may require some modifications to fit or be held in surrounds.
  • Some pickup mounting rings for the above are available though some are only available in one height.
  • The "trapeze" tailpiece as used on the Violin bass and Club guitars. (The short version as used after 1965 up into the 1980s is not available.)
  • "Teacup" style knobs.
  • Cream or black skirted knobs as found on old Verithins, Presidents and many other archtops and guitars.
  • The Höfner control panel which is still available in both the early oval type and the rectangular type (but not the larger type fitted 1965 to mid 1980s).
  • Violin Bass tuners. These are of the same style but the post may be of a different diameter. Bushings may be needed.
  • Wooden bridge with fretwire inserts as fitted to Violin and Club basses, Club guitars and other models utilising this type of bridge.We do not guarantee the fit of the modern bridge which may require cutting and modification.

If the part is not on this list then we do not have it. 

There are a number of independent companies that supply some parts that are suitable for vintage Höfner guitars. We supply some of these parts whilst they manufacture some themselves.

Thomann (worldwide) - 

Project Guitar Parts (UK) - also carries out pickup rewinding.

Musikkeller (Germany) -

Sound Affects Music (UK) -

North Coast Music (USA) -

Parts is Parts (USA) -

Great Guitars (Australia) - 



Vintage Repairs

We do not carry out repairs or restorations to vintage Höfner instruments.

We always recommend that you employ the services of a qualified and recommended luthier.

We cannot advise you how to restore or repair your old Höfner.

We publish some wiring schematics on this website for vintage Höfners. These are all we have now. If your guitar is not on the list then we do not have the schematic.

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