Links to other websites with useful information regarding Höfner products.

Steve Russell's Vintage Hofner website.

 Steve Russell website
A privately run website with a wealth of information about vintage Höfner guitars. Extensive image galleries of nearly every model ever made by Höfner. Extremely useful for model identification and dating. Much additional information about components, model variations, wiring schematics and more. The definitive Vintage Höfner site.

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Hofner Club Guitars

Bengt Ericsson Club guitars
A site dedicated to Höfner Club guitars. Privately run by Bengt Ericsson. This site provides plenty of information about vintage Club guitars, UK models (40, 50, 60 70) and the equivalent European models (125, 126, 127, 128). Also information on vintage Club bass models - 500/2.

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Die Höfnering (collecting vintage Höfner guitars)

Die Höfnering
Stephen Candib's website that has useful information about Höfner vintage guitars.

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Beat Gear Cavern

Beat Gear Cavern
A privately run and very lively web forum for discussion on all things Beatles, particularly the band's equipment and instruments. Some content relating to Höfner; Paul McCartney's Violin Bass and the other Beatles association with Höfner guitars.

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